Morning Coffee with Jewellery Designer Noor Shamma

Hayley Kadrou   |   18 - 03 - 2019

Noor Shamma has her own jewellery business based in New York

Noor Shamma has her own jewellery business based in New York

From New York to the UAE, Noor Shamma leads a hectic life as a Jewellery Designer that just can’t stop creating.


So much so, that Jewellery Designer Noor Shamma called her creative flair both a “blessing and a curse.”


Speaking to A&E TV over Morning Coffee, she revealed that while this creativity was first directed towards a fascination over architecture, later she decided that designing and making her own collection of “wearable architecture” would be her artistic outlet, explaining how she’s captivated by the sentimentality of jewellery.


While her company is based in New York, the busy mum flies back and forth from the UAE regularly, meaning she knows a thing or two about hard work and life on the move.


Speaking about her career to date, Noor let us in on both her mottos in life and her greatest achievements.



Watch the full interview with the designer above, and read what we learned chatting with her below.


Five Things We Learned Talking to Noor Shamma Over Morning Coffee


Writing organises both your day and your mind


How does the busy designer start her mornings? “I prepare my to-do list at the beginning of every day. It helps me keep everything in perspective and sets the tone for the day for me, and I like to journal in the morning because it helps me reflect on the day before and prepare for the day ahead.”


Don’t forget the little achievements along the way


When asked what her biggest achievement to date has been, Noor replied: “The thing with achievement is that it is a build up of so many successes that get you somewhere. And when you’re starting off a project, every little success is an achievement in itself because you’re ticking off things. And I’m obsessed with to-do lists, so every time I ticked something off its an achievement.”


Creativity can be a curse


“The other challenge as a creative is that I always want to create, it’s like an addiction. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. It sometimes becomes a distraction because my brain is always looking for ideas. It’s like ‘ I can do this or I can do that’ so the challenge is to stay focused and to finish what I started and take it a step back and basically try to achieve my objectives,” Noor told us.


Beauty is everywhere


Living life on the road, the entrepreneur and creative values the importance of travel. And what of her favourite aspects of that is constantly finding beauty somewhere new. She said: “I’m just always fascinated by the amount of beauty that is out there, be it people and their culture, art and architecture, nature and agriculture and food. There is always something to learn and something to appreciate.”


What is done in love…


…is done well, as said by Vincent Van Gogh, is her professional motto.


Noor Shamma modelling her own jewellery line. Credit: Instagram/noorshamma

Noor Shamma modelling her own jewellery line. Credit: Instagram/noorshamma


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