Morning Coffee with Pop Artist Luca Valentini

Hayley Kadrou   |   19 - 03 - 2019

As his artwork makes its way over to the Sconci Art Gallery in DIFC, Pop Artist Luca Valentini chats through his artistic style and inspirations.

Born into a family of hobbyist artists, it didn’t take Italian Artist Luca Valentini long to develop a fascination with the world of art.


From exploring social issues with black and white hued work in his home town to presenting colourful insights into the fashion work all over the globe, he’s spent the last decade creating what he calls, “expression of the true nature of the society in which we live today.”


As we talk to him over Morning Coffee, he talks through what inspires him and what he wants to do next.



Watch the full video interview with him above, and find out what we discovered chatting to him below.


Five Things We Learned Talking to Luca Valentini Over Morning Coffee


Art work by Luca Valentina

Artwork by Luca Valentini


Always strive to do better


When we asked Luca which of his creations is his favourite or that he’s most proud of, he said none. But why exactly? He explained: “I don’t have a favourite one because… I’m looking to do better every time. When I feel very proud of my work [will be the same time I stop] painting.”


Search for a new perspective on your work


… And it can help you move forward.  Luca told us: “My art style is a mixture of street art, pop art and German Expressionism. I totally changed my point of view of art, I completely forgot [about] working in black and white as I did before, and now I put lots of colour [into my work]. Before it was completely different.”


Social impact is key 


When asked what the Italian artist still wants to achieve with his work, he said to have a social impact. He said: “I would like to do work with a very strong social impact, and I would like to inspire young artists.”


On living life to the full


“To work as you don’t have to die, and to enjoy life as you have to die tomorrow,” is the artist’s personal motto.


Regrets are a waste of energy


While admitting he’d made some mistakes over the years, the creative talent revealed that he regrets nothing, as all those twists and turn have made him the person he is now.


Luca Valentina

Luca Valentini

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