How A&E Editors Get Ready In The Morning

Diana Bell-Heather   |   12 - 11 - 2017

Ever wondered how magazine editors get ready in the morning?


Here at A&E we try some of the best products from the world of beauty and skincare to then share our top picks. Be it a bronzer that gives you endless summer glow, or a face water bursting with hydrating elements, trust us when we say these are some of the morning essentials worth adding to your bathroom cabinet.


Eliza Scarborough, Deputy Editor/ Fashion Director
Sometimes all you need is a neat pair of eyebrows and Glossier Boy Brow is my go-to. The all-in-one product thickens, fills in, and groom’s brows in one brush which get’s me ready for the day in no time.


EDITORS morning routine magazine


Charline Deek, Senior Editor, A&E Magazine Arabia

The one and only beauty product that I use every day is Terracotta the bronzing powder from Guerlain.  It gives me a natural glow even if I apply it without any other product and plus it’s easy to use, especially when I’m late and want to leave the house to reach work on time.


EDITORS morning routine magazine


Dana Mortada, Editor

In hotter climates your skin is more prone to oiliness so to battle the shine I use Avene Cleanance Gel which is a foaming cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin. It helps wash away the dirt without stripping the skin and also lasts a very long time. I follow this with Avene Hydrance Optimale hydrating cream that replenishes moisture and gives a rested, glowing complexion.


EDITORS morning routine magazine


Diana Bell-Heather, Online Editor

I’m probably not the only one to think that Diptyque is solely a fragrance brand with candles as the main focus, but their naturally sourced skincare range is worth exploring. I have most recently been using Infused Facial Water that soothes the skin and creates a healthy base for cream and makeup. Made with a hydrolate of Damask rose and and infusion of nasturtium, it aims to bring out the radiance of the complexion. It cleanses the skin gently, moisturises, tones and helps restore its natural radiance.


EDITORS morning routine magazine


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