A&E Editors Nighttime Skincare Routine

Diana Bell-Heather   |   19 - 11 - 2017

At A&E we like to test some of the best skincare products on the market, and nothing boosts complexion like a solid nighttime routine. When you sleep, your skin works hard to rebuild and replenish, so any help you can give it is an added bonus.


We all want to wake up with a fresh glowing face the next morning, so why not try some of our essentials below.


Eliza Scarborough, Deputy Editor/ Fashion Director, A&E Magazine
Chanel Le Lift Crème-Huile Réparatrice has all the replenishing properties of oils, but in a light cream formula. Jojoba oil and shea butter extracts help smooth and plump the skin, but for most effective lifting results spend some time applying an energetic finger massage with upward strokes.


editors Nighttime beauty Routines chanel


Charline Deek, Senior Editor, A&E Magazine Arabia

Nobody wants to wake to dull sagging skin so for a boost of goodness that leaves me with a more plumped complexion, I use Dior Capture Totale Serum. Contaning Longoza flower extract from Madagascar, the product is designed to fight against wrinkles and loss of firmness resulting in a smoother surface, which is ideal for applying makeup the next day.


editors Nighttime beauty Routines dior


Dana Mortada, Editor, A&E Magazine

I’m a huge Kiehl’s fans and have been religiously using the Eye Alert and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This eye cream is actually for men but we don’t mind borrowing from the boys and this gel with cucumber extract brightens and depuffs while soothing tired eyes. You don’t need to use Midnight Recovery Concentrate nightly and or apply a lot either. Just three drops of the oil once or twice a week, which you can mix in with your night cream or use on it’s own, is enough as the blend of essential oils and botanical’s including lavender oil, evening primrose oil and olive-derived squalane work together to enhance your skin’s natural nightly recovery process.


editors Nighttime beauty Routines keihl's


Diana Bell-Heather, Online Editor aeworld.com

I have only recently been introduced to the French-Korean skincare brand Erborian and I have fallen for their Oil Cleansing Balm. The little pot of green goodness last’s for ages as you only need a small amount to clear away makeup and dirt (heavy eye makeup too) leaving you skin feeling silky smooth. If I want to let my skin recover, I don’t add anything afterwards as this product contains green tea, tiger grass as well as chamomile that restores dry, sensitive and irritated skin.


editors Nighttime beauty Routines erborian

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