A&E Interviews: Christian Courtin-Clarins

Eliza Scarborough   |   29 - 11 - 2017

clarins Double Serum Christian Courtin-Clarins

Christian Courtin-Clarins, President Of The Clarins Group Supervisory Board, Introduces The Iconic Serum.


Clarins Double Serum is by no means a new product, in fact it has been around since 1985, however an updated and improved edition of this serum has been released, which is packed with even more anti-ageing and beneficial ingredients.


2 serums in 1, has always been Double Serum’s unequalled claim since it was first formulated. It’s a feat that was made possible thanks to a pioneering double formula inspired by biomimicry. It combines the best water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients which target signs of ageing and help stimulate the skin’s five vital functions.


Here, Christian Courtin-Clarins, a business school graduate and oldest son of the founder, who joined the family brand in 1974 to expand it internationally, introduces the wonder product to us. Passionate and responsive, he shares the philosophy of the heritage brand, together with his greatest achievements and wishes for the future of Clarins.


Can you share with us your latest news at Clarins?

The most iconic Clarins product, the Double Serum. This new generation is due to the medicine university research on cells communication. It’s a breakthrough in dermatological knowledge and Clarins is a pioneer on the subject.


What is the main message from Clarins this year?

Do more, do better, enjoy doing so.


clarins Double Serum


In your opinion, which ingredient is the most important in skincare?

The most important in skincare is mainly the quality of the ingredients; a formulation is then a combination of highly qualitative ingredients.


Has the philosophy of Clarins changed over the years?

On the contrary, we do reinforce our philosophy to be involved in sustainable development as we consider that we should take care of the future of our children by manufacturing the most environmentally friendly products.


How has the beauty industry evolved since you joined the market?

The beauty industry has totally evolved, the products get better and better, and distribution is totally changing.


How do you maintain your passion and enthusiasm for the industry?

Nature has an inexhaustible source of discoveries and medical research on skin is giving us more and more solutions to postpone the ageing process. A radiant skin comes with an enthusiastic research.


After all this time at Clarins, do you imagine yourself joining or being part of another brand?

Absolutely impossible, my blood is Clarins.


In your current position, what challenges do you face every day?

To remain curious and welcome any new ideas.


What’s a major life lesson you learned from your father?

Listening to women and showing consideration.


How do you want the industry to remember you?

As an open-minded man who embraced sustainable development from the beginning.


What do you hope to achieve that you have not done yet?

To be the leading skincare brand in the world.


What is your biggest fear?

In a word, pollution.


clarins Double Serum


Can you share with us memorable moments for Clarins across its history?

I’m very proud of the FEED project Clarins is associated with. When you open a school for children, when you bring them food, when you have been able to give 20 million meals all over the world, then I guess it’s something you can be proud of.


What is the best career advice you have ever received?

Stay true to your convictions, and avoid market research.


Name one surprising thing that no one knows about you.

That is impossible to answer, I’m a very secretive person when it comes to my personal life.


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