Insiders Guide: Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile De Rose

Eliza Scarborough   |   12 - 11 - 2017


On the cliffs of Granville blossoms a wild rose whose beauty and strength defy the saline harshness of the Norman climate. From this miracle of resilience is crafted the Rose de Granville, a legendary flower with an extraordinary micro-nutritional wealth. Thanks to a state-of-the-art phytochemical analysis, Dior Science identified a real treasure at the heart of the flower, and transposed it into La Micro-Huile de Rose.


Today, the skin becomes worn out quickly, thanks to stress, fatigue, and a fast-paced modern life. So, in a major biological discovery in nutricosmetics, Dior Science deciphered the mechanisms of cellular fatigue, devising a new cutting-edge extraction process that is extremely gentle on flowers to create La Micro-Huile de Rose. This dual extraction concentrates all the micro-nutritional wealth of the Rose de Granville. Its hydrophilic micro-nutrients are obtained through slow, repeated cold fractionations. While its lipophilic micro-nutrients are extracted using microwaves and ultrasound, before being filtered. These are slow and controlled processes, so as to never damage the molecules.


By protecting the active ingredients from heat and integrating them at the last moment into the formula, Dior Science preserves the integrity of each precious micro-nutrient. They can then be delivered directly to the skin, as if they had been directly extracted from the fresh flower. Thanks to the total absence of surfactants, which can represent up to 5% of a regular formula, they boast an optimal concentration rate. They can now be fully assimilated by the skin.



These rose micro-pearls are extremely resistant, enabling a very high concentration. La Micro-Huile de Rose can thus contain twice as many as a traditional encapsulated formula. In each bottle, over 10,000 rose micro-pearls deliver an extraordinary wealth to the skin by incorporating emollients using encapsulation technology. Beyond an oil or a serum, its active texture combines the nourishing power of the richest of Dior oils with the delicateness and freshness of a jelly-serum. This nourishing concentrate helps gently boost the balance of all skin types, while delivering intense sensory delight and nourishment.


Applied as a pre-serum, La Micro-Huile de Rose provides just the right dose of micro-nutrients essential to the youthful beauty of all skin types. Whether used every day or as an intense treatment, apply before the serum to rebalance the nutritional dynamic of skin desynchronised by fatigue, stress, an unbalanced diet, jetlag, or changes in season. As a result of the application, the skin’s metabolism becomes more harmonised each day. Like the Rose de Granville, the skin can then fully assimilate the active ingredients in applied skincare.


The universal texture of La Micro-Huile de Rose glides on beneath all Dior Prestige skincare to complement their power and create a tailor-made ritual.


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