Get Beach Ready: Prepare Your Body With Our 4-Week Countdown

Eliza Scarborough   |   23 - 06 - 2017

4 Weeks to Go

Smooth Skin

It makes sense to incorporate the kind of hard working ingredients you look for in facial skincare into your body regime. Gentle chemical exfoliators, such as AHA’s and BHA’s leave your skin silky smooth, while hydrators like shea butter and vitamin E make it look dewy and plump. It is also worth upping your dietary intake of antioxidants a month out, to neutralise some of the damaging effects of UV. Carrots contain beta-carotene which helps the skin fight free radicals, while almonds are rich in vitamin E and aid the skin’s repair process, so start adding both to your diet.

3 Weeks to Go

De-Frizz Hair

Sun, sea, and humidity can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to frizz-prone hair. For mild fluffiness, a keratin or Brazilian blow-dry treatment three weeks before you go away will do. For hair that turns electric at the mere glimpse of sunshine, permanent straightening is the answer. Based on Japanese treatments that completely subdue frizz, it’s a real lifesaver on holiday. It is best to have these treatments fairly far in advance, to allow time to perfect the texture, and re-strengthen the hair.

2 Weeks to Go

Beach-Proof Brows

Suman Jalaf, who tends to the brows of Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Delevingne, is single-handedly responsible for the sudden popularity of microblading. Unlike tattooing, microblading won’t last forever and the effect is far more natural in appearance. Achieved by pushing pigment into shallow cuts in the skin, in a natural hair stroke style, it gives the effect of thicker, fuller brows. Initially dark, the final shade reveals itself ten days after the treatment, so it’s best to book in a couple of weeks before your holiday. However, just as your hair colour can become sun bleached, your brows may lighten too, so run some suncream through them when out in bright sunshine.

10 Days to Go

Treat Feet

Your feet go through the same ageing process as your face, and over the years the fat layer thins, sweat glands shrink, and moisture is lost. This means a daily dose of hydration is essential, and we recommend Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil. But if your feet are in need of a serious overhaul, try Footner Exfoliating Socks, which will restore the toughest of skin. After allowing the acids to work their magic for around an hour, dead skin will start to shed over the next week, revealing baby-soft soles.

1 Week to Go

Get your Glow

The only safe tan is a fake one, and by using a gradual tan, such as Dior Skin Self-Tanning Jelly Gradual Glow, every other day in the week running up to your trip, you will achieve an even base. However, if your skin is prone to dryness, it will be likely to be exasperated by DHA, the ingredient that actually turns your skin brown, so try St Tropez’s new Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow, which contains hyaluronic acid and avocado oil to counteract the drying. Alternatively, book in for a spray tan two days before going away, skilled therapists are able to sculpt your stomach and add definition to your arms with clever shading. Once away, beware that humidity makes your tan fade quicker than usual, so try sprinkling some talc in your bikini, under your arms and other areas of friction, to safeguard the colour.

3 Days to Go

Hair Free

The optimal time to wax is three days before, so any redness can subside. But, if you suffer from ingrown hairs, you may be put off waxing for fear of unsightly raised bumps. Fear not, regular application of a product containing glycolic and salicylic acids ensures the skin is gently exfoliated and follicles don’t become blocked. You can find both products in Ministry of Waxing Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream, to tame inflammation.

2 Days to Go

Long Lashes

Give your lashes a longer lifespan with a tint and lift, and do away with the need for mascara. A lash lift is effectively a perm, so this needs to be done around 2 days before going on holiday so you can keep your eyes dry for 48 hours. Alternatively, if you are prepared a few months before, you can apply Lilash on your lashes every evening before bed, the serum accelerates growth, for a set of naturally fuller lashes.

1 Day to Go

Nail It

Book in for your manicure and pedicure the day before you leave. Although gel manicures have seriously good staying power, leave it until the day before as it is nice to have a fresh pop of colour, and ensures that you will remain chip free for the duration of your getaway.

What to Pack

There is no need to pack up your full beauty and make-up cupboard, holidays are all about a more natural, pared back look, so this is the time to downsize your beauty bag and just take these essentials.

Diorskin Nude BB crème

Give yourself just enough coverage to even out skin tone, but still show those summer freckles with this beauty balm. It combines the protective powers of an SPF with the skin-evening properties of a foundation.

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Bronzer

Bronzer isn’t just for your cheekbones. Once you have sculptured your contours, dab it onto your eyelids for summer’s chicest look.

Burberry Lip Colour Contour

This wonder product can be used in two ways. Start by accentuating the lip line to make your mouth appear fuller, and then you can also subtly contour the eye socket.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick Blush in Coral

Coral offers a refined warmth that enriches any skin tone, and this particular product will add a flattering flush to the tops of cheeks, while the subtle shimmer makes skin appear luminous.

Guerlain Terracotta Jolies Jambes

This tinted lotion sinks into skin in seconds, leaving limbs looking honed and healthy. Plus, it smells like paradise.