Grown Up Take On Glitter Eye Makeup

Dana Mortada   |   26 - 12 - 2017

Urban Decay

Too Faced


Marc Jacobs Beauty


Fenty Beauty

Glittering eye makeup looks festive and fun, but that fun quickly fades when you end up spending a good hour the next morning trying to remove all the silver and gold from the lids.


Put down the eyeshadows and step away from sequin face glue, there is a grown up approach to making your eye dazzle for the night and it all lies in a shimmering eyeliner. It gives you flexibility in how much shine you apply and instead of gradually spilling over your face that you get with eyeshadows, it stays put for longer and wipes off easier with gentle eye makeup remover.


Go for classic glimmering shades or experiment with bold hues of purple, perfect for green eyed beauties, or blue that brings out the deep hazel in the eyes.



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