Le Labo Expands Their Beauty Range

Diana Bell-Heather   |   22 - 10 - 2017


Niche New York-based fragrance brand Le Labo has released body, hair, face and men’s grooming collection.


The cult favourite that is known for some of the most sought after perfumes such as Santal 33 and Noir, is adding shower oils, shampoos and conditioners along with body lotions and face masks.


Not only do they promise to give your skin extra dose of TLC, but they will be some of the best smelling products in your bathroom. Shampoo’s contain macadamia and avocado while the shea butter is full of eucalyptus. There is also a scrub version of the shampoo which is ideal for retaining a healthy scalp.


If you’re not familiar, Le Labo takes a modern approach to fragrance by working with raw ingredients processed in Grasse, France, with each one is built around a primary natural essence. They also get a green tick for being plant-based and cruelty free.


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