Fix Your Mistakes With These Makeup Expert Tips

Lindsay Judge   |   05 - 02 - 2019





Mariam Khairallah is MAC Cosmetic’s senior make-up artist in Dubai. Born in Lebanon she moved to the UAE to pursue her dream and explore her love for make-up. She has been an internationally recognized make-up artist in The Middle East for over 13 years and has become the go-to artist for celebrities, brides, personalities and beauty experts, all wanting the chance to experience her services or gain advice from a beauty expert. She is also a trainer to fellow make-up artists, bringing them up to the MAC standard.


MAC has become the number one beauty brand used by make-up artists and Khairallah’s style goes hand in hand with MAC’s signature style of bold statement looks an eye for detail and accuracy.


What is your advice for busy women applying make-up for work?

Obviously working women don’t have much time in the morning to apply their make-up. Beautiful make-up starts with a good skin care so my advice to women is to firstly take care of their skin by investing in great skin care products. Moisturising the skin around the eyes and lips is a very important start. For those who don’t have much time next apply a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream, which is quick and beneficial to the skin because of its moisturising properties. One of the things I do when I’m in a hurry is use a bronzer which can even be applied to the eyelids to give a healthier and more vibrant look. I also always apply mascara. Instead of using black kohl, I would suggest using a brown shade so your make-up appears smoother and simpler and fits in with the early morning. You can also add lip conditioner or tinted lip balm to finish.


Which products would you use from the MAC collection to get this look?

Prep + Prime Fix ++ and Powder Mineralize in medium deep are great. It is used as a bronzer but I often use it as an eye shadow. Extended Play Lash Mascara is also great.




What should we stay away from when applying makeup to work?

Many people make the mistake of trying to achieve soft, natural make-up but choose the wrong concealer colour tone; meaning that the bottom of the eye tends to appear grey. This will make the woman look as if she is poorly and washed out. Be sure to choose the correct colour for your skin tone.


How should we choose the right concealer colour for our skin?

I always tell every woman that she must use concealer. We do not sleep well every night, so the colour of the area under the eye can often change. Sometimes we wake up with eye bags or feel like the area is red or puffy. For this reason I suggest that every woman invests in a concealer palette with different shades. One dark and another light in order to be blended to match the color of the area under the eye.


What is your advice to women when it comes to their make-up?

Don’t follow fashion trends and keep your own style when it comes to make-up. If the on-trend colour is blue for example and you know it doesn’t fit the colour of your skin tone then don’t wear it. Choose something that you know is better suited to you.




What mistakes do you see women in the Arab world making?

I always see women making errors with highlight and contouring. The problem is that there is a big difference between the make-up we see on Instagram and what we can actually apply. The filter and photography we see on social media is different from our daily appearance but I see a lot of women trying to replicate the looks they see but getting it very wrong!


What lessons did you learn from your experience working at fashion weeks?

I learnt how to work under immense pressure. Despite the pressure those moments backstage are very important, everyone works together to get the best result.


What trends are you looking forward to for spring/summer?

There is always a great transition between winter and spring. For this summer metallic colors like gold will still be popular and the bright sun kissed look on the eye will stay. Bold blush and glitter will also be back as well as coloured eyeliner. If you are not a coloured eyeliner fan, I recommend choosing a dark blue pencil and apply just a little for a more natural look. It is a shade that’s suitable for most eye colors.




What are you favourite skincare brands or products?

I love La Mer, Clinique and Origins. I also like the MAC Prep + Prime Fix ++ and I use the Complete Comfort Creme if I feel that my skin is a bit sensitive.


How hard do you have to protect your skin when you have to wear make-up every day?

I don’t think that make-up affects the health of the skin directly. The secret is to cleanse your skin every day. It is also affected by your diet.


What is the motto that you live by?

Always be happy whatever happens.




Where is your favourite place to visit?

New York.


What’s your favorite book

The Nectar of Pain by Najwa Zubain.


What do you want to achieve this year?

I want to focus on having a healthy lifestyle, and to give the people that I work with confidence to apply their make-up in a way that makes them love themselves.


By Charline Deek