10 Questions with Makeup Artist Sharbel Hasbany

Lara Mansour   |   20 - 09 - 2017

Desired to make his one long dream come true, Sharbel Hasbany, 26 year-old makeup artist studied at the Maquillage Paris Modèles. Since then, his artistry led him to work with various magazines along with infamous socialites, models, creative artists and photographers who helped him share his love for beauty across the world. We get up close and personal with the young Lebanese artist as he shares his ultimate beauty secrets, tips and what sets him apart from other artists across the region.


Tell us more about when did you know you wanted a career in beauty? And why?

I’ve always been interested in beauty since my childhood. Before becoming a professional artist, I used to experiment  with different various products and makeup utensils. In 2014, I decided to quit college to pursue my dream, without taking any consideration of consequences that I might face in the future. My love for makeup started growing as I started take interest in face structures, body anatomies and colours. My main challenge was drawing, but it never defined who I was or what I wanted to do, I worked towards improving myself and moving forward. Even though, I get told that I’ve achieved a lot, I always see myself as someone who is still learning.

Today’s women are quite busy. What is an easy trick to turn a day-look into something that works for a night out?

For a fabulous night-out look, you can use a black eyeliner, smudge it with a small brush to have a semi-smokey look (you can enhance it with a black or brown eyeshadow for a more intense look) and then use a black mascara. Finally, brush your eyebrows, use a peachy blush colour and finish the look with a nude or strong red lip.

What are three makeup items every woman should have in her makeup kit?

Every woman should have these three items in her bag: mascara, lipstick and a brow brush. You’ve done such beautiful work on so many magazine editorials and socialites. Name someone you would love to get into your chair? I would love to work with the iconic Coco Rocha, she is known for her unique beauty and strong features. Also, the beautiful Natasha Poly is on my list.

What are the biggest challenges of your career, especially being based in Lebanon?

The beauty industry in Lebanon is quite small; but I am lucky that I was able to work on many editorials, designer lookbooks and campaigns on daily basis. I must say it’s good to have big dreams, I aim on becoming an international artist and to travel more around the world, and with no doubt challenges will always tag along.

Any tips on how to keep summer makeup looking fresh during day?

For a fresh summer bronze look, I recommend using Coconut FIX mist by Marc Jacobs after touching up your face with their Tantastic Bronzer. Use a creamy highlighter from Stila Cosmetics or Laura Mercier on your upper cheeks and dab a bit on your nose and the cupid of your lips, and you’re ready to go!

How would you describe your signature look? What is about your technique that sets you apart from other artists?

The strength of makeup is that it lets you transform yourself. Sometimes this transformation becomes something far from reality. In my work, I aim to hide or fix imperfections and enhance beautiful, strong features of the face while staying loyal to the person’s natural beauty. This takes us to the answer of this question, my signature in makeup is always a fresh-looking face, where you can hardly see any products applied, a skin that looks incredibly healthy. I try to see the strengths in different makeup brands, I don’t just stick to one or two brands just because they have big names in the industry, I encourage new makeup lines and test a lot of products every-time I get the chance to. When it comes to techniques, nothing is specific, but I personally enjoy mixing colours and creating looks that are seamlessly crafted.


What do you like most about fall 2017 beauty trends?

We saw a lot of colours on the runway this season. My favourite runway looks were: Laura Biagiotti, I loved the gold shadow over the eyelids with a hint of gold on the nails as well, as for the Saint Laurent show, the black shape on the eyes without any colour base, was a stunner. Oscar De La Renta’s bold neon-pink lines with cyan purple or orange is a must-try.

What is next for Sharbel Hasbany? Do you ever dream of launching your own line of cosmetics?

I’m heading to Bangkok this month; I have plans on working in the Asian market for a while and maybe to continue the journey in Paris or New York if things work out. I do not have plans at the moment of launching a makeup-line, maybe in the near future, but I’m always open to collaborating with brands and new product lines. I have a couple of requests on becoming a brand ambassador for important international brands but these projects are yet to be decided.

Your life mantra…

It’s good to be talented, but talent is not everything.  Being humble, having work ethics and respect to other fellow artists in the industry is key to success. Believe in yourself no matter what people think, challenge yourself daily and work hard to become who you want to be. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, travel and explore new cultures, and get inspired!


By Dana Mortada