Your Skincare Ingredients Guide

Dana Mortada   |   08 - 01 - 2018

How many times have you read about key skincare ingredients in your beauty products but never understood their benefits? We take a look at some of those fancy scientific terms so next time you’re at a cosmetic counter you pick exactly what you need.


Vitamin C

If you’re battling dark circles or starting anti-aging care, then you need to look at products containing Vitamin C. It lowers production of pigment and brightens the pigmentation that’s already there, and as it assists in development collagen it strengthens skin while minimizing fine lines in the process.


Hyaluronic Acid

For the strongest boost of moisture that skincare creators can offer, nothing is better than hyaluronic acid. Everyone looks better with hydrated complexion and it benefits any skin type, at any age leaving it plump and dewy.


Glycolic Acid

Sometimes using a scrub can do more damage than good, that’s why glycolic acid is such a great tool at exfoliating the skin by safely removing dead-skin buildup and allowing fresh skin to surface.



Retinol has been shown to build collagen, improve skin’s texture, fight acne and most importantly decrease fine lines. Basically it’s a miracle ingredient, but start off with a mild version, use plenty of moisturizer and don’t forget SPF for the most effective results.



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