A&E Reviews: Rituals New Advanced Skin Care Range

Diana Bell-Heather   |   04 - 09 - 2018

It’s the start of a busy fashion season which means little moments of relaxation are even more important for the health of your skin and your mind.




Rituals Cosmetics has long been associated with turning daily beauty moments into meaningful rituals. Whether you take an extra long bath with essentials oils or spend that extra minute massaging the moisturiser into your skin – these small acts of TLC can transform your mood.


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After years of research and development, the brand unveiled their new, natural and advanced skin care range: The Ritual of Namasté. We were invited to the presentation and to test some of the 36 products that are not only vegan friendly, but are also packaged in sustainable bottles that look really lux.




The five lines – Glow, Purify, Hydrate, Ageless and Sensitive: were created to meet individual skin care needs, so you are guaranteed to find the combination that works for you.


We tested the Glow range that included the Radiance cleansing balm, anti-aging day cream, serum, face oil, renewing aha glow mask and ampoule boosters. Designed to fight the first signs of aging, these help minimize the appearance of fine lines and restores radiance.




The balm, that contains almond and olive oils, glided onto the skin and gently cleansed away makeup and impurities leaving a smooth layer. We then combined half of the concentrated fluid from the ampoule, that is meant to boost your complexion with moisture, with three drops of the serum that works to restore the natural skin barrier.


To calm the skin, we added a couple of drops of the Radiance Oil packed with all the goodness of jojoba oil and almond oils for firmness into the moisturiser that works hard to improve elasticity.



The Glow Collection


What we loved is the textures, the ability to mix and match products to work for your skin type (you can also add oil, serums or ampoules to the mask) and the recyclable packaging – especially the refillable cream capsules.


The two years of development have not gone to waste and Rituals have ticked the boxes for us when it comes to naturally good skin and doing our part for the wellbeing of the planet. Namaste.