Valmont: New Name in Luxury Perfumes

Diana Bell-Heather   |   13 - 06 - 2018


Valmont’s debut fragrance line Storie Veneziane is about creating exceptional scents, while also delivering authenticity, quality and an engaging story. A feeling of exclusivity is what the consumers want and this is what Valmont looks to deliver. The aim is to allow your nose to discover the journey of these five distinct scents and make them part of your own story.




Storie Veneziane is a story with different chapters. First chapter is the love for Venice which the owners of the brand, Sophie and Didier Guillon, are particularly fond of and have spent a significant time discovering the many sides of it. The second chapter takes a closer look at the woman with her many changing moods, while the third chapter takes us to the five vibrant neighbourhoods, each with it’s own story to tell.



The five perfumes captures the five personalities of a single woman as she goes through her day. The same woman can wear the fresh Verde Erba for the morning and then for the night she can try the moody Blu Cobalto. Rose is one of the hardest ingredients to get right in the fragrance and Valmont worked carefully on Rosso to deliver a perfume which hints of the rose buds, but in a subtle and elegant way.



Valmont have used velvet, gold, Murano glass mask and leather on the bottle and packaging  to further emphasise the niche positioning of the brand. However, their main focus is about creating an exceptional fragrance, a very concentrated scent with a real extract. Staying in the exclusive environment, the pieces are rare so in this region, you will only be able to find these gems at the Paris Gallery in the Dubai Mall.



Valmont is international, but they have a very important market in the Middle East and for here, we would choose the Blu Cobalto, Rosso and Gaggia Medio.



All the perfumes have a Roman number for example Rosso I, Gaggia Medio I, so the natural next step is to further expand the range that offers something unique for those who truly appreciate luxury scents. After all, there’s always another story to tell.


Available now at Paris Gallery in the Dubai Mall.


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