Ways To Make Every Day A Good Hair Day

Diana Bell-Heather   |   04 - 01 - 2019

We all have second-day-hair hang ups, but you can make those a thing of the past with our tips to flawless locks every day.


good hair day


The Prep

All good things start with a great haircut. Trimming your tresser’s once every eight weeks or so will keep the split ends at bay, smooth out the frizz and make it easy to style.


Simple Tools

Running your own hands through the hair might be all that’s needed as heavy brushing and styling can be damaging. There are plenty of brilliant products, but all you really require is a hairspray, dry shampoo, a restorative mask and a styling cream, but do invest in great shampoo, conditioner and hairdryer. Tip: dry your hair upside down for volume.



Braiding your hair before bedtime or even pinning it in a loose bun (avoid hair tyes as they create kinks) could help you wake up with waves that need minimum effort.





Beauty really comes from within, so add fish oil capsules to your diet to give your hair that extra shine,  while vitamins C, E and zinc are known for helping reduce hair loss. Don’t forget to use products with UV filters to protect from sun damage.


Final Touch…

One thing that SS19 runway shows taught us, is the power of a simple pony tail. Gather your hair at the neck and tie with a black ribbon.