Why You Need NARS Highlighting Powder In Your Makeup Bag

Diana Bell-Heather   |   29 - 04 - 2018


Let glowing complexion take center stage with the help of the newly launched NARS Highlighting Powders.


Enhance your features with NARS seamless glow technology which is an innovative formula, available in six shades, combining micro-spherical powders and pearls that reflect light and melt seamlessly into skin. The silky, lightweight texture provides easy blending for buildable radiance that goes from delicately lit to strobed in a few sweeps.


NARS Highlighter powder


On top of that, powders don’t require the extra blending that creamy textures do, they are weightless so ideal for everyday use and they soak up excess oils, which in this heat is an added bonus. Designed to do more than accentuate your cheekbones, apply it to under the highest part of the eyebrow arch to create a lifting effect, as well as under the eyes. Make your eyes really pop by dotting some powder in the corner of the eyes and brush on a little bit above the upper lip to give an illusion of fullness.


Subtle, effective and totally glam for day and night.


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