Cruise 2019: Louis Vuitton

Dana Mortada   |   29 - 05 - 2018










In case you missed his important message last week, Nicolas Ghesquière is clearly not going anywhere. Louis Vuitton’s Cruise’19,  marks Ghesquière five year contract at the maison; and the brand’s fresh partnership with Grace Coddington on an exclusive a capsule collection.


Grace’s love for cats that she has always sketched, fabulously glided centre stage of the Foundation Maeght in Paris. “I hope it will be a dream come true for Pumpkin, Blanket and Nicolas’ dog – it certainly is for me,” Grace said. “It started with our love for animals; it’s where Nicolas and I really connect beyond fashion.”


A collection of modern brilliance, Ghesquière’s girls cruised the hilltops of Colline des Gardettes, surrounded by Isabelle Maeght ‘s five elements- vegetable, mineral, water, fire and human. It was a down to earth show, completely led with thigh-high leather space boots. Always introducing a trace of femininity, there were loose satin shorts- looking like something in between a boxer and boudoir; oversized paillettes pranced the runway, a perfect accent for the next wave of red carpet events. An experimentation of textures was clear; we saw soft white pleats sleeves and tough leather shoulder panels.


Outfits were paired with goggle-looking sunglasses, and each jacket and vest was intricately sculpted, falling in Ghesquière path of perfection. It was a fiery collection that shined with that Louis Vuitton energy we have known for so many years. Also, with a clever collaboration of the season, he was right, Nicolas Ghesquière is #notgoinganywhere.


Everything was truly genius, and those thigh-high sneaker boots are all we ever wanted! Discover some of our favourite LV Cruise 2019 looks in the gallery above.



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