Editors Pick: Are Logos In Or Out?

Diana Bell-Heather   |   12 - 10 - 2017

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Just when you thought everyone had enough of the logomania, designers have come up with new ideas for this, and the next season. Acne Studio offer artistic totes while Off-White’s statement boots with ‘FOR WALKING’ printed on them have been stomping the streets of fashion week.


Some urbanites wear logos boldly, while others choose a single piece to do all the talking. But is it all getting a bit too loud? Is this trend a good investment or a temporary piece of fun? Read what the editors of A&E think:


Eliza Scarborough, Deputy Editor/ Fashion Director
This time around logos are more multifaceted than in their flashy past. Unlike the pack mentality of the original logomania, wearing a logo today has far more to do with individuality and irreverence, and is a refreshing change from refined minimalism.


Charline Deek, Senior Editor at A&E Arabia
I think that the Logo trend will be appreciated by those who love to say out loud what they are wearing. In my opinion, I don’t think this trend will stand the test of time, since people who are really engaged in buying luxury brands are the ones who like to keep it private. They purchase and wear labels because they love them, not to be appreciated by the society rules of luxury.


Dana Mortada, Editor
Today, many designers have been on the forefront of this new luxe trend, whether it’s on T-shirts, headbands or bags- the creativity varies. Clearly there is a sweet spot for logo pieces, which brings a great sense of nostalgia for young customers to indulge over their favourite brands.


Diana Bell-Heather, Online Editor of aeworld.com
I love a bold statement as much as the next person, but would I spend an eye watering amount on a logo covered item that will become irrelevant next season? Probably not. If you are partial to a logo, then get something personalised or choose a piece that has more meaning to you, that way it will always feel wearable.


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