12 Questions with… Sofia Al Asfoor

Dana Mortada   |   13 - 04 - 2018

A&E chats up with Bahraini handbag designer, Sofia Al Asfoor, an emerging talent eager to venture on her long-aspired journey in design.


Sofia held on tight to her dream and compelled by resistance; this where the design of the Shield bag came about- designed with pyramids symbolizes quality, individuality and power. Proud of her desert roots, and with the beloved Shield by her side Sofia Al Asfoor was up for the challenge to share her creations that help unite women of today with a powerful statement.


Today, a strong and confident businesswoman, she continues with the fearless and distinctive Shield handbag, which initially reflects the highs and lows of her energetic journey.



Growing up, what was the best advice you received that helped you run a successful business today?

I wouldn’t call it advise, more of learning from being in a situation. Your on your own!


Tell us, what is the most challenging part of having your own fashion line?

The day I started to break away form the family business I was on my own. Being in this situation of course is not easy and everyday has been an ongoing challenge and will continue to challenge me in every area that I work on.


What is next on your checklist of ambitions?

I have been working on jewelry and fashion accessories to complement the brand which I am truly excited about. Offering significant designs for our bold and powerful women.


Who’s your favorite Designer?

I admire anything with quality and artisanal craft where I can truly appreciate workmanship in every creation.


What drives you daily to keep inspired, and continue building your brand?

I am passionate about what I create and I know my work is truly unique, creating a piece of art, a shield for our women. The love for what I do is deep within me and a part of me which drives me everyday to succeed. Persistence, drive and a vision stays with me at all times through the easy and tough times of building my brand.


When designing, do you tend to follow trends or create your own?

My collections are timeless and non seasonal pieces. I do not follow trends I create lifetime statement pieces to treasure lifetime.



What distinguish your latest collection from the previous ones?

As I mentioned I do not change my collections but I have added new styles such as the backpacks, cross body and micro signature. These are more young and fun everyday pieces to easily complement your daily activities.


What attracted you to leather work?

I admire fine details in artisanal craft, I love and breathe luxury. During my studies in london where I was taught to create my own pieces it was immediately my passion. I love and get lost working within the Spanish atelier, I love being within the environment of where true artisans work and share their love for creating a pieces of art.


Which’s your favorite city in terms of style?

Of course there is nothing more chic than our women of the arab world who really love luxury.


How would you define success?

To succeed one must be persistent to achieve their goals in life and this is creating a a lifestyle where one physically and mentally strengthens themselves to overcome and embrace the stress and challenges that they are faced with in todays world. To me this defines success.


What are 3 must-have items you wish to add to your closet this winter?

A red crocodile shield from the exotic collection. A diamond cuff from my new fine jewelry line and an oversized jumper from the Balmain paris runway show.


As a Bahraini entrepreneur, what is the message that you would like to share with the Arab women of today’s society?

Be determined to succeed and keep the drive and persistence within you. Accomplishing your goal will bring you true fulfillment.



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