AAVVA Creates Collection Especially For Ramadan

Natalie Hanson   |   01 - 06 - 2017

AAVVA has joined the growing number of brands creating collections especially for Ramadan by launching a range for the Holy Month.

Founded by Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia the brand brings architectural insights into fashion. In line with their concept of simple, artistic fashion, the new Ramadan Collection focuses on the spirit of the holy month.

AAVVA Creates Collection Especially For Ramadan

The new range comprises 12 looks and moves the colour palette to earthy shades with neutrals in rich luxurious tones as well as fluid fabrics, all formulated for the perfect look for summer. The pieces are made using a combination of light velvet, light neoprene, chiffon, silk and tulles; these fabrics are not only easy to wear but also easy to maintain. The “balloon sleeve” trend is seen complimenting the architectural cuts giving a very chic yet feminine feel.

Brazilian designer, Vincenzo Visciglia spoke more about creating this range inspired by the spirit of the season by saying, ‘with our belief that fashion is beyond outfit, we always create with art, our perception and of course the on-going trends. We go from colour blocks to the glorious sun shining on Dubai skyline and all the way to subtle fabrics – we think creativity and art inspires from all around us.’

The brand reflects the upcoming month of Ramadan while wonderfully depicting their perception of voluminous, graceful structure, creating something new for their audience. Designer Ahmad Ammar expressed his excitement by saying ‘Ramadan is a huge occasion in this wondrous city of Dubai and we wanted to make sure we are adding our bit in celebrating it with our customers. Our vision for the collection was to create something that women can wear during iftars, family events but also making sure she looks fashionable as ever, with a statement looking piece.’

AAVVA is available at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall, Le BHV Marais in City Walk and at the AAVVA Atelier in Dubai Design District.