Hussein Bazaza Explores The Dark Side Of Perfection For SS19 Collection

Diana Bell-Heather   |   01 - 11 - 2018











Clash of textures and graphic lines form the core of Hussein Bazaza SS19 collection.


Unveiled today, the designer created a fictional muse to tell the story of the latest collection in a powerful and evoking way. He named this character Hellène – a woman who lived her entire life seeking the ultimate perfection. The press release reads:


“She owned a hotel where she welcomed guests only to admire their beauty and steal the parts that she liked the most to create the perfect version of herself in her little lab. The result was a monster that ended up destroying her.”


Bazaza takes on a subject matter that has been at the centre of discussion for many years – the illusion of perfection that we see in publications, online and social media and the destructive nature of trying to achieve this impossible goal. After all, there is beauty in imperfection.


Mirroring this mental and physical struggle, he worked with bold clashes of textures – feathers, sequins, satin, denim, embroideries, and chiffon – and colours inspired by an enchanted garden such as light greens, fiery reds, bright blues and hints of yellows.


He also introduces a new version of the lace collage couture piece while keeping signature geometric cuts and colour blocking present. Constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity, the collection makes a statement on many levels.