A&E Interviews: December Nineteen

Diana Bell-Heather   |   08 - 02 - 2018










Linda Bruun Lacin, founding designer of the Dubai-based brand December Nineteen brings Scandi-cool to the desert with her pieces that are all you need for laid back elegance. Meet your new minimalist wardrobe.


Take us on the journey that led to what is known as December Nineteen today.

I’ve been living and working in the fashion industry in the Middle East for 8 years now – and let’s just say that it’s been a constant battle and confusion of whether to wear daytime embellishments or just throw on something black with a cap. December Nineteen is still taking very careful baby steps, but I hope with time that the brand will reflect the best of both worlds. For now, I’m just a confused Scandinavian girl roaming around the Middle East.


Tell us more about the production process at DEC19; what are the materials used and where do you produce everything?

It’s all about redefining classic styles and cuts, updating them in the best possible fabrics and fit whilst being wearable to almost anyone at any age. We produce most of our collections in either Portugal or Turkey, but we’re also trying to support local businesses and craftsmanship by producing what is possible right here in the UAE.


What triggered you into becoming a fashion designer?

I’ve lived in Dubai for the past 8 years and felt a gap in the market for premium quality minimalistic clothing. I’m also very eager to see Middle Eastern style in a more subtle way.


Your work is known to be quite simple, what attracts you the most about minimalism?

The first collection is called ‘The Introduction’ and that’s just what it is – we are introducing some of our core fits and styles which are very minimalistic but expect to see more colors and interesting approaches to some of the most iconic styles. However when that is said, December Nineteen will never be over the top or “extra” and whatever we do will always be done in a minimalistic and subtle way. The beauty about minimalism is that you are wearing the clothes, it’s not the clothes that wear you, the personality and individual style shines through.


How does being based in an Arab region inspire your work?

Again it’s really the core DNA of the brand – The Middle Eastern modest style wrapped in a Scandinavian contemporary packaging.


What makes you stand out among other designers in the region?

It’s difficult to say as there are so many talented designers in the region but we believe in what we do and we believe that we can make a difference in the way women in the region dress.


December Nineteen dubai fashion


Name one major fashion pet peeve that you can’t tolerate.

I actually have two: Sleeveless turtlenecks and studio fashion shoots with models wearing sunglasses – we all know the sun is not shining there!


Who is the DEC19 woman?

The December Nineteen woman is a perfectionist, she prefers quality over quantity and her wardrobe reflects that. She has high demands on quality and expects to be comfortable and on point throughout the day.


If you were a city what city would you be?

Paris longing for Bali.


Name a song you have on repeat on your iPod.

The Eurythmics – all songs, all day.


What’s your life motto?

“It is okay to live a life others don’t understand” Charles Bukowski


What is next for December Nineteen in the year 2018?

In 2018 we’re focusing a lot on the international market and as we’re working on our SS19 things are heating up a bit, we are becoming more brave and more confident. Collections will expand and we are bringing back some iconic classics in an interesting color scheme.


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