Designer Focus: Kayomo Lab

Dana Mortada   |   03 - 11 - 2017

Launched in 2016 by Zyad Khoury and Alexandre Khawam, Kayomo Lab is a unisex label focused on the concept of fashion experimentation. The London-based brand mission is to find better ways to wear old traditional garments by improving both quality and practicality. Each piece of clothing is refined with a specific approach in mind and produced by Italian manufacturers and retired tailors- who are masters at their crafts and for promoting artisanal clothing.


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Catering to cross-cultural, Kayomo Lab aim is to draw a defined union between the traditional and the contemporary with creative design and unconventional details.


The debut collection “Project 001” established the experimentation with modern elements and classic proportions; inspired by tradition the brand recreated the traditional Japanese Kimono design for its very first collection- introducing a range of 81 modern-looking kimono jackets. Sourced from high-end vintage Italian fabrics and textures, each piece is made into a one-of-a-kind item that can be worn inside out; and comes with four different belts, offering various ways to wear it. The collection features a vibrant colour palette of light blues and pinks, subtle greens and yellows; and multi-coloured silk linings.


Other than the craftsmanship art of the brand, Kayomo Lab today proposes new ideas of form and fit, where time and age are no object of fashion.



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