Designer Confidential:

Dana Mortada   |   19 - 10 - 2017

Founded by two Lebanese designers Sarah Hermez and Tracy Moussi, is the country’s very first socially-conscious fashion brand; offering a wide range of unisex classic shirts transformed by unique prints, mix of fabrics, geometric and patchwork designs.


This one of kind forward-thinking clothing brand, was named after the 2nd St, found in New York city, where the duo designers lived while attending the infamous Parsons School of Design. Unlike many fashion brands, Hermez and Moussi came back to their native country- Lebanon, to set-out a unique path, where they wanted to create a contemporary brand that didn’t fall victim to the corporate rules of the fashion industry; and also with a mission where the production could help foster the talents of young up-and-coming designers..


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In parallel, Sarah and Tracy developed a plan to support free creative education, in partnership with Creative Space Beirut- a non-profit school for fashion design.


Today, this uber-cool androgynous brand is the talk of the town and is found across countless e-retail sites, like Bucolik, Lebelik, Rush and Co. and many more.



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