Get On First Name Basis With This Ethical Saudi Brand

Diana Bell-Heather   |   18 - 10 - 2018

Meet the Saudi luxury label on a mission to celebrate culture and preserve craftsmanship in a modern and ethical way.


abadia saudi arabia


Founded by Naeema and Shahd AlShehail, ABADIA has been praised from The Kingdom to Paris for their contemporary interpretation of traditional pieces, highlighting the fact looking back on a rich history can create something that women want to wear today.


abadia saudi arabia


Authenticity is at the core of the brand, so they collaborate with female artisans across Saudi Arabia who use their skills in sadu and embroidery to infuse their collections with cultural pride while keeping the silhouettes minimal and elegant. Using local creatives is also a great way to preserve the craft that has been passed down through generations.


abadia saudi arabia


ABADIA has gained a wider recognition for their farwa; an oversized coat worn by Bedouin men during the winters in the desert. The design has been updated with today’s woman in mind and has become the brands signature piece.


Stay tuned for the release of their Fall/Winter collection.