How To Detox Your Wardrobe According To Expert

Lindsay Judge   |   30 - 12 - 2018





Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Kelly Lundberg knows what you should be wearing. After setting up her business in the UAE, British born Lundberg has since dressed celebrities and women all over the world, empowering them with her confidence and feel-good factor.


Lundberg believes that it is this confidence that drives women to feeling great in what they wear and looking great as a result! She believes that by making changes in your wardrobe and the way you dress you can really change your life and that is what Lundberg has done with hundreds of women in the region and around the world.


Her S. Academy is a mentorship programme that teaches women step-by-step how to create their own styling business and her 7-step formula has been used by many women in the region. When it comes to detoxing your wardrobe Lundberg is an expert. So with the idea of a January wardrobe re-fresh in mind, we wanted to find out exactly where to get started.


What are the first steps to a wardrobe detox?

You have to take time out of your busy schedule to focus on it. I use a very visual technique in which I think of myself as a Master Chef with a great larder, organised and full of the best ingredients. You can create your very own recipe for style success with my step-by-step guide.

Open all your closet doors and take out every item.

As you assess each piece and ask yourself “do I like it”? “Does it feel good on me”? “Does it have a purpose”?

Put all the items back in your closet, but co-ordinate them by lifestyle first, then item style, then colour.

Take notes as you return items to you closet on what needs to be added in to update existing pieces.

Wash, press and take to dry cleaners or tailors all the items in your wardrobe that are in need of some TLC.


How should every woman start their year when it comes to their wardrobe?

As individuals we are constantly evolving, and therefore so should your closet. You will find that depending on which stage you are at in life, your budget, likes and dislikes will vary. When it comes to a new year I would advocate preparation, take time out to look at images online and get inspiration and see if this is something you can reflect in your current closet.


How do we know whether to keep something or throw it away?

You need to ask yourself – do I feel good it what I are wearing or what I’m are looking at in my closet? We ALL hang onto things that don’t fit, or pieces that were a gift from a family member, or just pieces we have never gotten around to wearing. Ultimately if it doesn’t look good on you or on your hanger it’s time to give it away. We should all be empowered by the clothes we wear.


For women wanting to ‘re-vamp’ their style for the next year how would you suggest they start?

A closet detox can be liberating. Not only will it create a cleaner living space, de-cluttering also has a positive effect on well-being and can alleviate stress. When thinking about a re-vamp, don’t overlook what’s going on inside as well as the outside. It’s not just about looking for fresh style, it’s about taking the time to look after our skin, hair and our mind! I am a big fan of incorporating meditation into my routine to help me feel good from the inside out.

There is nothing better than going into the new year with a fresh eye on style. Contrary to belief, the best investment you can make is to hire a personal stylist to work with you and your closet. A personal stylist is no longer the domain of celebrities, they really are affordable and can change your life, whilst saving you time and money.


What are you big no-no’s when it comes to dressing?

Wearing something just because it is on trend. Clothes have to make you feel good and empower you. So wearing something that doesn’t feel good or is past its sell-by date is a no-no for me.


How do you feel about hoarding things in case they come back in fashion again?

Style is always re-invented especially if it’s high street. For designer items they tend to be much more classic so there are more opportunities to keep items for longer. But it really depends on what your buying when it comes to how long you should keep pieces for.


How much do you believe in seasonal clothes versus ‘seasonless’ classics?

I definitely think there are ‘seasonless’ classics and having those basics in the wardrobe is crucial. In every wardrobe there is space for both. It also depends on the environment and where you live so the classics can tend to be different in warmer climates. When I say classics it doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional classics but it should be basic pieces that suit your style and lifestyle.


Should wardrobes be colour-coded?

Yes this does help, however whilst colour coding is an essential component to good closet organisation, my over-riding success with my clients has been to work with your lifestyle. Organise your items according to what you would wear for work, casual, going out, holiday etc., then colour co-ordinate arranging clothing from dark to light. This will make it easier to see clothes and pull together outfits that work well together.




What’s the best ways to keep shoes and accessories in order?

Accessories, need to be ‘accessible’. If you can’t see them, you won’t wear them. Try hanging accessories on the back of your closet doors so you can easily see them. Tray organisers are perfectly compartmentalised for keeping earrings and rings in and ensuring they are easy to find and to see. If you’re struggling have a look at Pinterest for some great creative storage solutions. Get creative and think out of the box. You can even make a cork board panel display for your earrings for example.

When it comes to shoes sort them into categories: those you wear all the time and those you wear less frequently. Don’t be tempted to keep shoes in their original shoe boxes, you can’t see them. Invest in shoe bins, these are accessible and widely available, better still they are transparent.

If you own a lot of flip-flops consider giving them a space in your closet handing on wire coat hangers. Store boots up-right and whilst boot shapers can be expensive, soda and juice bottles make excellent alternatives (provided you have emptied them first).


What are the three pieces every woman should invest in in their lifetime?

A great handbag. It’s something you will use day in and day out. My advice is to choose a neutral colour and it will last you years, never going out of fashion. I have just added a new baby to my closet, staying true to my Scottish roots I have made my 2019 investment piece a Strathberry (as seen on Meghan Markle)!

The second is two pairs of shoes, yes two! A pair of flats and a classic pair of heels. Your shoes can set off any outfit dress it up or down.

And the third is piece of meaningful jewellery. Whether it’s a gift or something you buy yourself it’s important to have something that has meaning.


What are the steps to feeling good in what you’re wearing?

Take photos when you wear something that you feel great in, we often forget which pieces we have previously paired together. And most importantly; less is more.


Online shopping or visiting a mall?

Oh wow… I think every great wardrobe has elements of both, just like every great wardrobe needs high street and designer quality pieces.


If you could only have three pieces of clothing for the rest of your life what would they be?

A leather jacket for sure and white sneakers – golden goose are my current faves. I also have an extensive collection of sunglasses because I think they can instantly change an outfit


What is the motto that you live by?

When you look better, you feel better and well-being is vital element for success.