Q&A With Les Benjamins

Diana Bell-Heather   |   05 - 09 - 2017

Streetwear Les Benjamins


Over the years, streetwear has stepped into main fashion and now everyone is looking out for designers that bring a high-end approach to this trend.

Bunyamin Aydin launched Les Benjamins in 2011 with an aim to bring his take on the cultures, traditions, and rituals in the East to the streetwise man.

We chat with the man behind a sophisticated approach to streetwear.


How do you think streetwear has evolved over the years?

Streetwear is a movement that derived from the punks. They were the first to look to the streets when it came to fashion. Now people listen to hip hop and wear sports sneakers to be comfortable.


What are your tips for dressing casually well?

Be yourself and focus on one specific detail that will stick out from all other items.


The AW17 collection is inspired by Mongolia, how did you approach your vision?

I was highly inspired by the Eagle Hunters in Mongolia. The way they communicate with their Eagles and all the culture around it is astonishing.


What is the standout piece from the collection and why?

It definitely has to be the oversized Bomber Jacket with the Mongolian landscape on the back.


You aim to bring an international focal point to your streetwear concepts, what message are you trying to get across.

Awareness of different cultures. Togetherness. Positive message and just culturally rich pieces of clothing.


What are your favourite place to shop and do in Dubai?

My favorite restaurants are Miss Lily’s, 3 Fils and Salt at Kite Beach. The energy and vibe at Al Serkal Avenue is my kind of place to hang out.


Best advice you’ve ever received?

To always be open-minded and ask someone who knows better.


And what do you like to wear?

I’m very simple. Black tee, black sweatpants and the sneaker of the day.


Available in Dubai at Robinsons, Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales