The SS17 YNM Collection: a study of the captivating form of nature’s beauty

Natalie Hanson   |   04 - 05 - 2017

For SS17, YNM, the Dubai based brand, have created a collection dedicated to the delicate and ethereal; the light and feminine pieces making perfect outfits for the fast approaching month of Ramadan.

Designer Yasmin Al Mulla shared with us her inspiration behind her SS17 collection as her brand as the modest fashion industry grows and evolves.


Can you tell us about your inspiration for the SS17 collection?

A collection inspired by captivating forms of nature’s beauty. The feel of a chamomile petal, the curve of the freshwater shells, the delicacy of feathers, the beauty of flowers, and the subtle colours of Spring. A combination of ethereal delicacy gathered in a Spring Summer line. A scale of pastel shades, eternal cuts, light pleats, and exquisite embellishments. Accurately stitched to enhance the feel of an amiable yet sempiternal garment!

YNM SS17 - LOOK 03

How do you continually seek new inspiration?

I am inspired by anything beautiful. A good book, magical movie, spectacular nature, or even random geometric shapes. My mind is in constant search for beauty in almost everything; a behaviour or even a delicious dish can inspire me too!


Can you highlight some of your favourite pieces from the collection?

Chamomile in white and Freesia are my favourites. They reflect my personal style in a delicate way, pieces can be transformed based on the way you style them up.

Image left to right: Chamomile and Freesia

How do you feel your brand has evolved over its existence so far?

In a very positive way; I always make sure my designs can reflect my culture in a modern way. I elevated our traditional kaftans into a very high level, yet I kept the classical beauty of it, I replaced the definition of boring easy wear outfits, into a very elegant easy wear. That’s a trademark!

Who do you feel your core customer is?

Real, elegant, educated women.


What challenges have you faced as a designer so far on your journey?

I don’t consider them challenges much as its motivational, with the high volume of designers coming out each day; I highly believe that there is a room for everyone. I follow a different direction, and taste; that’s why my biggest point is to create timeless clothes that can be worn twenty years from now. I would like to leave a noticeable mark on the global fashion industry as a designer from the UAE.

YNM SS17 - LOOK 08 -Miura

How do you feel the fashion world is evolving in terms of modest fashion?

Extremely delighted! I have a strong positive feeling toward the upcoming era. Modest fashion can literally transform and reshape the way women are viewed, in a great way!