Resort 2018: Prada

Natalie Hanson   |   10 - 05 - 2017








































Prada held their first Resort show in the eaves of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the most beautiful shopping centres in the world.

Below was the original store that was opened by Mario Prada, Miuccia’s grandfather, in 1913, showing that the brand had returned to its roots for the occasion. Miuccia has rejected the notion of Resort or Cruise shows, but accepted the tag in this case for commercial understanding in the context of the ever-turning fashion carousel.

There were plenty of signature Prada touches throughout the show, including black nylon fabrications, here in versions of fashion sportwear. Illustrations of rabbits and lilies were woven throughout, provided by illustrator James Jean. Feather trimmed hems and metallic detailing complemented the prints to give a very Prada-esque look. The modern and pretty collection made for a fine showcase of Miuccia’s ongoing work on the Prada aesthetic.