It’s a Festa: Our Bulgari High Jewellery Editorial

Lara Mansour   |   17 - 09 - 2017

Explore Buglari’s Festa High Jewellery Collection- an ode to the Italian art of joy and happiness, transmitted through the centuries and statement pieces with exception gems. 

Necklace in Platinum with 42 Burma rubies (215.75ct), 134 round, brilliant cut diamonds (19.43ct) and 134 tapered cut diamonds (15.57ct). Earrings in Platinum with 8 pear rose cut Diamonds (15.47ct), 2 round Rubies (2.22ct) and pavé-set diamonds (0.87ct). Ring in white and yellow Gold with 1 cushion shaped Burma Ruby of 11.03ct and half-moon diamond shoulders. High Jewellery Ring in white Gold with 1 cabochon ruby of 2.58ct, 68 buff top rubies (2.64ct) and pavé-set diamonds (2.43ct). All BVLGARI High Jewellery Dress, Ong-Oaj Pairam


LEFT IMAGE: Necklace in Pink Gold with 5 Amethysts (148.70ct), 6 pink Tourmalines (84.72ct), 15 cabochon Amethysts (48.30ct), 8 Spinels (13.41ct) and Diamonds (21.45ct). ‘RASPBERRY CARAMELLE’ Ring in pink Gold with Onyx, 1 pink Tourmaline (12.38ct), 2 Diamonds and pavé-set Diamonds- Dress, Bruce Oldfield RIGHT IMAGE:  ‘MERLETTO MAGNIFICO’ Necklace in Platinum with 1 Zambia Emerald of 46.5ct, Diamonds (26.88ct), baguette and pavé-set Diamonds. ‘MERLETTO MAGNIFICO’ Bracelet in Platinum with 1 Zambia Emerald of 25.42ct, Emerald beads (67.77ct), Akoya cultured Pearls and pavé-set diamonds (6.38ct). Earrings in platinum with 20 fancy shaped brilliant cut diamonds (25.73ct), 2 triangular step cut Diamonds (0.97ct) and 20 round brilliant cut diamonds (7.92ct). Ring in white gold with 1 cushion Colombian shaped Emerald of 13.21ct and 2 half-moon diamonds (2.42ct). All BVLGARI High Jewellery Dress, Ong-Oaj Pairam


LEFT IMAGE:  ‘DANCING GOUNS’ Necklace in Platinum with 1 cabochon Colombia Emerald (26.54ct), round brilliant cut Diamonds (14.50ct), buff-top Emeralds (4.55ct),  baguette Diamonds (3.09ct), round brilliant cut Diamonds and pavé diamonds (28.67ct). ‘DANCING GOUNS’ Bracelet in Platinum with 13 bead Emeralds (15.21ct), round brilliant cut Diamonds (5.05ct) and pavé-set Diamonds (12.75ct)- Dress, Ong-Oaj Pairam RIGHT IMAGE:  Earrings in Platinum with 2 Colombian cushion shaped Emeralds of 10.44cts and 9.87 ct), marquise Diamonds (5.82 ct), 6 pear shaped Diamonds (2.89 ct) and round brilliant cut Diamonds (3.43 ct). All BVLGARI High Jewellery– Dress, Bruce Oldfield


LEFT IMAGE:  ‘ROYAL BALLROOM’ Necklace in Platinum with 1 cabochon Colombia Emerald of 22.60ct, Emerald beads (56.29ct) and Amethyst beads (55.06ct), buff top Emeralds (6.04ct), 137 buff-top Amethysts (10.40ct), 25 round brilliant cut Diamonds (5.63ct) and pavé-set Diamonds (4.24ct). ‘FIOCCO REALE’ Earrings in Platinum with Emerald bead, Sapphire bead, Diamonds and pavé-set diamonds. ‘SECRET MIRROR’ Bracelet in Platinum set with Rock Crystal and 5 Emeralds (5.89ct), blue Sapphires (2.85ct) and pavé-set Diamonds (5.42ct). Ring in Platinum with 1 cushion Madagascar Sapphire (7.63ct), buff-top Emeralds (1.23ct) and pavé – set Diamonds (0.46ct)- Dress, Zeynep Kartal RIGHT IMAGE:  PALLONCINI’ Necklace in pink Gold with Aquamarine, Amethysts, Emeralds, pink Tourmalines, round and pavé-set Diamonds. ‘PALLONCINI’ Earrings in pink gold with 2 Emeralds, Diamonds and pavé-set Diamonds. High Jewellery Ring in pink Gold and Onyx with 1 Spinel (10.44ct) and Diamonds pavé (3.20ct). All BVLGARI High Jewellery– Jumpsuit, Temperley London


‘IL MAGNIFICO DI BVLGARI’ Necklace in Platinum with 1 cabochon Burma Sapphire of 180.98ct, rectangular, trapezoidal step cut and pavé Diamonds (28.46ct). ‘IL MAGNIFICO DI BVLGARI’ Ring in Platinum with 1 cushion cabochon Sri- Lanka Sapphire of 13.62ct, step cut and pavé-set Diamonds. ‘SECRET MIRROR’ Earrings in Platinum and Rock Crystal with 1 cushion Burma Sapphire (9.26ct), 1 cushion Sapphire (8.86ct), 2 Emerald beads (4.5ct) and Diamonds (3.55ct). ‘SECRET MIRROR’ Ring in Platinum with Rock Chrystal, 1 cushion shaped Sapphire (3.59ct) and pavé-set Diamonds (0.93ct). All BVLGARI High Jewellery – Dress, Bruce Oldfield

Fashion Director: Eliza Scarborough
Photographer: Lezli and Rose
Hair and Make-up: Ian McIntosh at Carol Hayes
Model: Frederikke at Select
Location: Villa Sigurta – Verona, Italy

Enjoy our exclusive video with Bulgari below: 


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