Joseph Himo: Inside the Mind of a Jewellery Master

Lara Mansour   |   24 - 10 - 2017

One of Lebanon’s well-known jewellery names has gained international acclaim, famous for their modern, whimsical, and timeless designs. Himo Jewellery is a brand that has redefined the meaning of fine jewellery by taking trends a step further, and over the years has been a leader within the jewellery industry and a true inspiration for others across the region. The jewellery house is always on the move, doing what they do best by giving attention to detail, valuing the art of craftsmanship and using innovative manufacturing skills.


Just like his eponymous brand is like no other, Joseph Himo- CEO of Himo Jewellery, began his career at a very early age, and has been revolutionising jewellery design across the region ever since. Here we get personal with the CEO, as he shares more stories about how he made his name as one of the most pre-eminent luxury jewellery brands in Lebanon and his plans for a brighter future.



Tell us how did your vision of the HIMO concept come to Life?

In my head, jewellery has always been the sign of luxury, yet I always felt that it was exclusive to certain people or certain occasions. What I wanted to do, is to introduce diamonds and jewellery in a way that it is perfect, suitable, and affordable for everyone, but without losing the touch that distinguishes diamonds from regular jewellery. And so, the concept of HIMO came to life, a brand that combines luxury with everyday style.

From the different collections you are offering, clearly a woman of any age can wear your designs. In your own terms, who is the HIMO woman?

The HIMO woman is someone who is always shining, and who knows how to look distinct on any occasion. Many ladies can wear jewellery and look stunning in it, but a HIMO woman is one who looks effortlessly beautiful.   

What are your favourite stones to work with?

As a brand that specialises in diamonds, diamond would be the obvious answer. But I have to say that I find mixing diamonds with other stones like ruby, sapphire or emerald, do add a lot more to the design of a simple necklace.



There are a lot of messages about women empowerment today; to what extent do you feel jewellery empowers the woman of today?

The way we choose our wardrobe is a strong expression of our personalities, and so does beautiful jewellery, which expresses the women who are strong, confident, and beautiful.

We heard that HIMO is launching a new watch line for both women and men, what are the challenges you are facing with this new project?

Indeed, we are releasing our own line of watches. I have to say that one of the biggest challenges we faced was making the design of the watches, to be elegant, and to express the ideas and notions we have when designing our jewellery; and also of course, to integrate these new items and ideas along with our jewellery and diamond collections.

How does Lebanon inspire you to work? Do you have plans to expand internationally?

Lebanon is a rising country that comes with a lot of potential; and just like jewellery all it needs is some crafting skills. Similarly to Lebanon, our brand has the flair that would fit all tastes yet with a local touch. As for your second question, yes we do; we already have ongoing talks to expand our brands further in the Middle East and across the world.

What is your favourite HIMO line?

I find each collection unique in its own way, and each one has its own story. However, for me personally, I find the Princess Collection to be one of my favourite, it is a real interpretation of the vision I always had for the HIMO woman.



What is your advice for men when picking out the right jewellery piece for their loved ones?   

As a man, I have to say this is a little bit of an issue; but as an expert in jewellery, I have to say that when it comes to choosing a gift for that special someone, the gift has to be not something only meaningful to you; but also to the person who relates to you. In a way that every time they wear it, it is like you are with them in every step of the way.

Tell us, where is HIMO today?

I would say HIMO is currently on the verge of making a big transaction from a brand that is known mostly in Lebanon. It is now walking into the international market, by introducing new items inspired not only from our culture, but from different ones around the globe.

Would you say you achieved all your dreams?

No one can ever say they have achieved all they ever dreamed of; however, establishing the HIMO line has always been one of my biggest dreams that I see growing stronger every day.

What is your personal motto?

My motto in life has always been “when there is a will, there is a way” this saying has accompanied me in every step of my life, especially when it comes to making either professional or personal decisions.



Exclusive Editorial Shoot with HIMO Jewellery