Sail Away with Chanel’s “Flying Cloud” High Jewellery Collection

Dana Mortada   |   05 - 07 - 2017

Chanel jet-sets across the Mediterranean Sea with the “FLYING CLOUD” Collection. 

Turquoise Waters Necklace

Sapphire Stripes Watch

Summer Cruise Necklace

Blurred Lines Earrings

Sailor Suit Ring

Precious Float Earrings

Precious Float Ring

Sailor Suit Necklace

Endless Knot Pearl Earrings

Sailor Suit Bracelet

Manchette Summer Cruise

Sunny Rope Bracelet

Summer Cruise Brooch

Sailor Tattoo Ring

Endless Knot Necklace

Sailor Tattoo Diamond Bracelet

Endless Knot Pearl Bracelet

Chanel’s eponymous founder Gabrielle Chanel, was famous for her rebellious actions when it comes to women’s fashion and her revolutionary mix of accessories with fine jewellery; however, till this day there are still many things to be discovered about the infamous muse, especially when it comes to launching Chanel’s high jewellery collection.

This year, Chanel’s new jewellery range- Flying Cloud, is purely inspired by Gabrielle’s love for the deep blue sea and the resort lifestyle the comes with it. Named after the second Duke of Westminster’s yacht,  Hugh Grosvenor, the founder spent many summer days onboard the Flying Cloud a four-mast, black-hulled, white-decked yacht with a 40-member crew.“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends,” the designer once said.

Lovers for a decade, the Duke was known to be one of the most influential and dearest to Gabrielle’s heart, and it only seemed natural for Chanel to create an entire collection inspired by the memories the two lovers carried across the French Riviera.

Scroll through the gallery to discover the highlights from the latest Chanel high jewellery collection.