Apps Promoting Digital Wellness You Need to Download

Hayley Kadrou   |   01 - 08 - 2019

See the apps that can help you improve your digital wellness, from restricting social media use to greyscaling your mobile screen.

As we become more and more attached our gadgets (iPhone, we’re looking at you) the need to invest in our digital wellness only rises alongside it.


But realistically, most of us aren’t going to ditch our mobiles for a week or so in order to reign in our addiction to screens and social media scrolling.


Nowadays, we need to work within the system to change it – meaning downloading a host of apps that can help us put the rein on our constant pull towards technology.


And these are some of the apps promoting digital wellness you need to know about.





Instead of being inundated with notifications from the group chat and email about the status of your Amazon delivery every few minutes of the day, Daywise collates all notifications into one handy pop-up every few hours, so you can designate a time to work through them all instead of constantly being bombarded.




If you’re going to be using your phone, let it be to help clear some space in your mind rather than clogging it up with endless images and information. Try mindfulness app Headspace, which encourages users to take ten minutes from their day to meditate and relax.


Stay Focused


We don’t need to tell you a buzzing notification or breaking news alert can easily distract you from the task at hand. Download Stay Focused to help you, well, stay focused. You can set limits on the time you can spend on certain apps and even block them out during certain periods when distractions are not an option.


Colour Breeze


We hear time and time again that the blue led lights from our phones are interfering with our sleep patterns, but we can’t resist an Instagram scroll before bed to ensure we’ve liked all the available life updates of the day. Try using Colour Breeze which adds a greyscale effect and dulls out all the bright colours on our screen that usually pull us back in.




If the only way you won’t logon to twitter to see what’s trending is by not being able to, then give Flipd a try to help you to create some mental space. Set a time that will block your social media apps, but rest assured as phone calls and text are still enabled, meaning you won’t miss any emergencies.


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