Pick of the Week: Brightening Youth Glow by Charlotte Tilbury

Dana Mortada   |   10 - 01 - 2018

Think of a brightening skin magic potion with colour-correcting, anti-shadow and glow-boosting super powers that not only treats but also transforms your complexion from the very first application.


Charlotte Tilbury welcomes its new Brightening Youth Glow, an advanced skin-brightening treatment which does wonders, literally- it tackles colour-correction, improves redness, reduces pigmentation, gets rid of dark-shadows, and brightens the skin  giving you a clear and pure complexion with a boosted glow.


The British make-up artist, Charlotte Tilbury elaborates more about her latest skincare product, saying “During a recent research trip where me and my team visited Asia, I noticed that more than ever dull, pigmented, uneven skin is the number one skin complaint! The most universal magic skin wishes women have with their skin, across age groups, are improved radiance and skin tone I have made it my mission to make something magic to solve that. One application instantly blurs, evens imperfections and corrects redness. After 4 weeks skin tone is lifted and brighter! It gives you a gorgeous glow of clarity every day!”




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