Everyone Is Doing The 10-Year Challenge, But These Are The Most Inspiring Posts

Diana Bell-Heather   |   17 - 01 - 2019

Have you noticed your Instagram feed flooded with before and now pictures of your friends and celebrities?


The latest viral social media trend is officially here with the #10YearChallenge and Instagram users, almost 2 million of them, have been busy sharing a picture of themselves from 10 years ago alongside one from today.


Below we have listed our favourites that we have found to be the most inspiring.


Anne Hathaway


10 year challenge



“Wow. Check out 2009 me trying so hard not to do anything wrong. Check out 2019 me doing what feels right. Wicked sweet. #10YearChallenge”


Jennifer Lopez


10 year challenge



“#10yearchallenge #challengeaccepted”


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale 10 year challenge



“Ok ten year challenge. Major developments: 1) I am much happier now and 2) I no longer ask for “the autumn palette” at cheap makeup counters. Also actually first pic is 2005 but I can’t be arsed looking for a similar one from 2009 so whatever I’m over it”


Alison Brie

Alison Brie 10 year challenge



“2009 vs 2019… still standing in the sun, but now I wear more sunscreen. #10yearchallenge”


Sonequa Martin-Green


Sonequa Martin-Green



“Before my family, my king and my prince, before Star Trek, before Walking Dead, before so many enlightening experiences, hard struggles, revelations and lessons, before deepened friendships, great travels, great people and countless other great things…man getting older is the BEST.”


Kate Bosworth


10 year challenge



“I have seen the 10 yr challenge everywhere and it got me to thinking—what is the actual challenge? To look the same? Better? Different?

For me, it was to look back on a human in her 20’s (left photo) wide-eyed, & living in a ton of fear because I felt no control over my life. I had neither the experience nor the tools to really understand myself. I started out in this industry at 14 years old—quite by accident. Anyone who follows me from middle school or high school will tell you—I was (and still am) a normal kid from a small town. But I love telling stories and working in a community who literally work their asses off right up until the moment someone yells “ACTION!” in an attempt to make magic (which is what I believe great cinema is—magic). But that girl on the left was not prepared for the wacky / cruel / overwhelming attention fame can bring, and I truly did not know how to process any of it. I internalized the fear, did not communicate much, and certainly did not voice my extreme vulnerability, as I felt it was a weakness. Regardless of the road travelled, the 20’s can be weird and confusing. You are developing. This requires patience and self-care: both qualities I admittedly did not have at the time. I kind of barreled through the decade in an attempt to fake looking cool & confident (I wasn’t) + feel less pain.

Ok, so I am now 36—and I often get asked from journalists (🙄) how do I feel about ageing (as if this is a bad word—we need to work to change this perspective, but that’s a different post). How do I feel about evolving from fear and learning to live through love? AWESOME. Aware there are always growing pains in life, but what a miracle to be alive. The woman on the right feels grateful to create art in different ways, finds strength in vulnerability – and beyond anything else—she knows love is everything. Also, “cool & confident” to me now is goofy, kind, and honest.

So… Go easy on your hearts now 20 yr olds—you’re not supposed to have it figured out. Find mentors, lean on those you trust who have more life experience. ❤️ Thanks for this challenge, here’s to the next 10. (I hear the 40’s are even better ;)”