Gigi Hadid Visits The World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Diana Bell-Heather   |   19 - 08 - 2018

In June, Gigi Hadid announced that she will be working with UNICEF and over the weekend she embarked on a humanitarian trip to the world’s largest refugee camp.


gigi hadid unicef


The half-Palestinian model met some of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh including children in Cox’s Bazaar’s Jamtoli Refugee Camp and shared her journey on Instagram:


“Across all the camps, 1.3 million people currently require humanitarian assistance, more than half of them are children. From January-July of 2018, UNICEF has enrolled 91,929 refugee children in emergency non-formal education, trained 2,762 teachers to support improved learning for refugee children,” she writes.


The next day, Gigi visited the ‘Women/Girl Friendly’ zones in the Jamtoli Camp: a safe place for women, young and old, to come learn basic education as well as personal hygiene, skills such as sewing, and also a place where they can share and connect with other women.


gigi hadid unicef


As well seeing how UNICEF is supporting families, the 23-year-old showed her 40 million followers a football game with some of the children and wrote:


“As well as psychosocial work to help them get through trauma through activities like art, they also can play sports, learn music, and learn to read & draw (some for the first time in their lives). Separate from educational spaces, the importance of these spaces is huge due to the fact that refugee children can spend a majority of the day working, usually collecting fire wood from miles away so their families can cook, taking care of siblings, helping around the house, etc., and here they can just focus on having fun!”


Partnering with the United Nations Children’s Fund Initiative, Gigi hopes to raise support for the 1.3 million people that are in need of humanitarian aid.