How Women in Saudi Arabia are Celebrating Driving for the First Time #saudiwomencandrive

Diana Bell-Heather   |   24 - 06 - 2018


Saudi Arabia made history last night by finally allowing women to drive.


Female drivers in the Kingdom legally took to the road marking this proud moment in history.  As the clock struck midnight, women joined the celebrations by getting behind the wheel with Saudi television presenter Sabika al-Dosari telling the AFP news agency that “It is a historic moment for every Saudi woman.”



Earlier this month, 20 women became the first female licence-holders after swapping their foreign licences for Saudi ones, with the Saudi authorities expecting about 2,000 women to receive licences now that the ban has been lifted. This change is part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s initiative to modernise the Kingdom and push his 2030 vision to make Saudi society more open.


Many women took to social media with one tweeting “I’m so proud to be a Saudi womannn!… I can’t wait see what the future holds.” Pictures of Saudi police officers handing out roses to female drivers have also been circulating round social medial channels.


To encourage more women to take to the wheel, special driving schools have been set up while there are also a number of events are being held in Riyadh to encourage new drivers.


GETTY Images.


This is a symbolic moment to savour not only for women in Saudi Arabia, but for women around the world, and here at A&E we celebrate this independence with you, #saudiwomencandrive.


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