The First Muslim Superhero Is Set To Join The the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hayley Kadrou   |   28 - 08 - 2019

You don’t need to be a comic book fan or Marvel movie fanatic to appreciate the latest news to come from Disney’s D23 Expo convention, as it’s been announced that Ms. Marvel will become the universe’s first Muslim superhero to have her own show.

We’re living in an age of inclusion, meaning that people from all walks of life deserve to see themselves represented in the popular culture that they consume every day.


Sadly that’s not always the case, as the images and narratives that surround us are often limited.



Which is why we’re pretty excited – as we’re sure many comic fans across the region will be – about the latest news to come from the Marvel universe that TV series called Ms. Marvel is on its way.


Ms. Marvel, whose full name is Kamala Khan, will become the first hero in Marvel history to be of the Muslim faith. The superhero’s parents were from Karachi, Pakistan, and later moved to America where Kamala grew up.


Her powers? To be able to mould and shape her body to get her own out whatever jam she’s in, from shrinking to mouse size to elongated from head to toe.


The series will air on Disney+ once it launched later this year.