Exhibition Celebrating Italian Fashion Opens In Milan

Diana Bell-Heather   |   22 - 02 - 2018

Italiana: Italy Through the Lens of Fashion

Diorama room.


Take a break from Milan Fashion Week and head to Italiana: Italy Through the Lens of Fashion exhibition at the Palazzo Reale that celebrates Italian style during the most influential period from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Prada.


The curators, Stefano Tonchi, director of W magazine, and Maria Luisa Frisa, an Italian fashion scholar, wanted to tell a story of Italian fashion between 1971-2001, focusing on the gradual definition and assertion of the system in the grand season of the Made in Italy style. It was a period of cultural creativity that consolidated relationships and exchanges among the exponents of that Italian generation of artists, architects, designers, and intellectuals that paved the way for international culture.


Italiana: Italy Through the Lens of Fashion

Identita room.


“We have been feeling the need to work on the history and culture of Italian fashion to understand its present and what its strengths and problems are. If we see this in a historical perspective, we understand what has defined the trajectory of contemporary fashion” Frisa told WWD.


The exhibition will be centered on a constellation of themes—Identity, Democracy, Logomania, Diorama, Project Room, Bazaar, Post-Production, Glocal, The Italy of Objects – and be showcased with 120 fashion looks and objects from fashion, art, design, photography and publishing.


Italiana: Italy Through the Lens of Fashion

Postproduzione room.


Opening today, during Milan Fashion Week, the exhibition will run until May 6.


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