Hugo Boss and the National Portrait Gallery Dedicate Exhibition to Michael Jackson

Diana Bell-Heather   |   28 - 06 - 2018


Hugo Boss is sponsoring an exhibition dedicated to Michael Jackson at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


The works under “Michael Jackson: On the Wall” comes from 48 artists, some that have never been shown before and will be on display from today. Each artist, including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and David LaChapelle, will explore the influence that the King of Pop had, and still has, on contemporary artists. NPG’s director, Nicholas Cullinan, told the Guardian newspaper:


“All of the artists included in the exhibition, despite coming from different generations, perspectives and parts of the world, and employing a range of media, are fascinated by what Jackson represented and what he invented.”



One of the works worth seeing is the Kehinde Wiley, Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson), 2010 which was the last painting commissioned by star and started months before Jackson’s death in 2009 and completed posthumously.


Alongside the exhibition, which is part of the tribute to singer’s 60th birthday on August 29, Hugo Boss will release a capsule collection dedicate to the iconic star which will include slim-fit edition of the white suit and T-shirts with graphic prints. Hjödis Kettenbach, head of global communications at Hugo Boss, told WWD:


“When the National Portrait Gallery told us that this artwork was included, it was a no-brainer for us to work with them because, on the cover [of the Thriller album], Michael is wearing the iconic Hugo Boss white suit.”



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