On Our Radar: The Nou Project

Dana Mortada   |   28 - 11 - 2017

Introducing The Nou Project- an artist-designed footwear label, aiming to turn fashion into wearable art.


Creative duo Saudi-born Nour Al- Tamimi and Lebanese-born Basma Chidiac, both inspired by the sneaker culture and seeking to support new talents- brought The Nou Project to life. In case you are wondering ‘Nou’ means new in Dutch.



Based between New York, Dubai and London, the designer’s mission is to give artist a chance to showcase their work something other than just a white canvas or gallery wall. Aiming to strengthen the  bond between art and fashion, Nour and Basma work with artists from across the world to create limited-edition sneakers, worthy to collect as a works of art. Each art model is numbered to only 300 pairs worldwide.

Other than being functional, the label is also eco-friendly conscious; the duo developed a special technique that uses recycled rubber in their footwear soles. This unique process is a main aesthetic of the brand’s shoe design, and is made to increase grip and ensure comfort for the consumer’s active lifestyle.



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