Regional Creatives Come Together To Promote Children’s Literature

Diana Bell-Heather   |   07 - 10 - 2018

The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi yesterday held a brainstorming session which aimed to promote children’s literature which featured an elite group of writers, painters and visual artists.


children's literature abu dhabu


Held at Manarat Al Saadiyat and entitled ‘Multaqa Fikra’ (Idea Forum) the session invited 30 creatives like Dr. Fatima Al Braiki, authors Asma Kalban and Sahar Naja Mahfouz and writer Nadia Al Najjar to share their innovative ideas. Abdullah Majed Al Ali, Acting Executive Director of DCT Abu Dhabi’s National Library Sector, said:


“This event’s significance is a testament to DCT Abu Dhabi’s belief that children’s literature plays a pivotal role in the child’s cognitive and emotional growth. Children live in a world of their own, using language and expressions that suit their thinking and perception.

“A writer must delve into the child’s mindset to produce works that piques a child’s interest. We hope to see this special event become an annual tradition, allowing us to discuss challenges and reach solutions together, and connect writers with artists to create different knowledge-rich materials that appeal to children and drive their passion for reading.”


children's literature abu dhabu


Some suggested training workshops to improve the reading and writing skills of participants in the “Creative Reader Competition”, “The Young Writer Competition”, and the “Meet the Author” programme, while others proposed creating a platform or application that provides information on authors and illustrators of children’s literature, alongside their works.


In a digital age where it’s all about swiping, getting children engaged in literature has never been more important for their development.