How To Detox Your Wardrobe For 2018

Dana Mortada   |   25 - 12 - 2017

A new year calls for a change and this means giving your wardrobe a detox to fit in all your NYE purchases and gifts.


It can be hard to let go, but there is no point holding on to pieces that either fit poorly or have only been purchased for the sake of a trend. Follow our tips below for the best and quickest way to slim down your closet and leave the key pieces that add value to your style.


Consider The Fit And Condition

Any gym gear that lost it’s stretch, swimwear that have become loose or anything with holes needs to go. Other pieces that don’t flatter your body shape in any way also need to find their way out of the wardrobe.


Bought But Not Worn

We all have suffered at the hand of an indulgence purchase, be it for something to do or front a trend you spotted on the runway. But if it’s been 12 months and it still has a tag or been worn once, add it to the ‘out’ pile.


Excess And Damage

It’s time to say goodbye to ruined shoes that can’t be fixed and bags that no amount of craftsmanship can save, they take up space and don’t add any value.


Think Versatility

If you can’t create three looks with one item then maybe someone else can fit it into their day-to-day wear.


Box It

Editing doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out. Giving away designer clothes that you’ve invested is not easy so try and store them in a box for six months first and if you don’t need to open the box it’s time to part ways.



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