Ever Had A Dispute With A Landlord? Dubai Unveils A New Certificate System

Diana Bell-Heather   |   15 - 10 - 2018

You found the perfect apartment, signed on the dotted line and then it all goes downhill. Sounds familiar?


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We all know someone who had a nightmare experience with a tenant or landlord so to avoid future conflicts, The Rental Disputes Centre (RDC) in Dubai has launched a new initiative. Judge Abdulqader Mousa, Director of the RDC at DLD, said in a statement:


“The new service implements the initiatives offered by the Centre to reduce rental disputes and was initiated following the monitoring of several cases where a tenant rents a unit and only pays the first instalment of the agreed total cost. At the end of the contract, the same person rents another unit and repeats the act in other properties, exposing the leaser to severe losses. This service will assist real estate management companies in finding rental information of a person they intend to contract with and avoid such mishaps.”


The Rental Good Conduct (RGC) Certificate service, first-of-its-kind initiative, will allow both parties to search the history of past disputes and gain a little background before agreeing on a contract – all the information given does not violate the country’s confidentiality laws.


The service, that can be accessed thought RDC app, will highlight any rental-related rulings issued against the other party and tenants can look further into the history of the landlord by simply entering their full name and Emirates ID number.