Interior Tip: Decorate Your Home Like Five-Star Hotel

Diana Bell-Heather   |   07 - 10 - 2017 interior five star hotel

Ethan Allen. interior five star hotel

Ethan Allen.


We all love a getaway to a five-star hotel. The opulent furnishing, fine decorations and plush carpets and now you can bring some of that glamour to your home.


We picked the brain of Azadeh Moeini, Senior Designer at Ethan Allen, on the best ways to give your own sanctuary a luxury hotel setting.


Start Small

It’s best to start with a small entryway table. Whether it be marble, wood or shiny lacquer, adding a pretty lamp or flower arrangement can be your starting point. If the table is against the wall, then place a statement mirror or a piece of art above the table.


Pick Your Fabric

Curtains are always well-designed in a luxury living setting. Pick fabrics that suit your taste while matching the rest of your décor to maintain a luxurious look. Think silks; damask.


Quality Is Key

Always decorate your home with good quality furniture and materials. Things you especially shouldn’t take lightly would be flooring, go for classic materials such as marble and timber. Choose certain furniture or decor pieces with character, for instance, consoles that have been hand painted to look like antique pieces or customized carpets.


Trust In Art

Create a focal point and give your space a “wow” factor by hanging an oversized piece of art. This look is chic and definitely has a high impact.



Pare down your collection and only retain pieces that have sentimental value. Give your space a sense of wisdom and incorporate pieces with some patina and age to them. Anything from a mirror to a small side table or accessory will do the trick, and remember the older the better.


Mix and Match

A layered and carefully thought mix of materials and textures will give your space a custom-designed and luxurious look. Mix metals, glass, wood, a variety of textiles and leather items to create a dynamic, inviting space.


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