Jonathan Saunders’ Exclusive Cushion Collection at The Rug Company

Hershey Pascual   |   04 - 08 - 2016


Scottish born print designer Jonathan Saunders is known for his enticing, clever, vibrant graphic prints. Since he graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, back in 2002, he’s achieved great things including his debut at London Fashion Week in September 2003. His prodigious talent as a print maker and fashion designer has earned him many awards and international acclaim.

His style is using traditional silk screening techniques, developing the concept of engineering prints around pattern pieces. In effect, each garment has its own specifically designed print rather that one standard print being used throughout a collection. Saunders uses up to twenty silk screens per design, thus individualising his pieces and creating a visually exciting collection.

harrison_cushion_large turner_cushion_large raymond_cushion_large

It was only the end of 2015 that Saunders announced the closure of his eponymous label, but he’s moved on to new projects including collaborating with The Rug Company. Earlier this year he introduced four stunning rugs namely Herringbone, Nouveau, Hutton and Harrington. All are made with hand knotted Tibetan wool and showcase Saunders’ masterful understanding of pattern and his astute flair for clashing incongruous colours, creating visual harmony in discord.

whitmore_cushion_large finley_cushion_large

Currently, he adds five cushions which compliment the rugs beautifully. Saunders said: “The collection was originally inspired by weaving and knitting patterns – how the repetition of a simple thread can build and develop into something quite intricate and detailed. Each design starts with a simple shape as its foundation, which is then manipulated through repetition and reflection to create a layering effect that adds intricacy and texture.

“I liked the idea of playing with the contrast between simple, clean lines and bold, clashing colours – reminiscent of the style of Herbert Bayer. My aim for this collection was to create something very modern and dynamic, but which can very easily and effortlessly inject energy into a home,” he concluded.