Top picks of the Spring homeware trends: Lush Green

Natalie Hanson   |   24 - 04 - 2017

The Spring season always makes us think of fresh green shoots and new beginnings. And with Pantone selecting the colour ‘Greenery’ as its colour of the year for 2017, what better time than to incorporate this fresh, positive hue into your surroundings? Whether by adding some plant-life or adding highlight accessories to your décor, scroll through our gallery for our top picks of all things green and glorious.

1/12 These ceramic vases from West Elm were handcrafted in Vietnam and are a great way to incorporate green into a corner of a room.

2/12 This Borneo basket from Tribe Dubai is the perfect way to showcase your favourite piece of plant-life; the natural texture looks great with ferns.

3/12 Give your green accessories some edge with this optic Baccarat vase with bevel cuts along the exterior and interior.

4/12 These beautiful book-ends from West Elm are made from polished Agate to reveal their naturally occurring rings. Each piece is one of a kind, adding an elegant touch of green to bookshelves or display cabinets.

5/12 This fabulous vintage wooden canoe from Tribe Dubai would be perfect for displaying some fresh green apples or pears to add a fruity touch of green to your dining table.

6/12 Dried Cattail adds a rustic touch of green to your décor and needs no maintenance as it is fully dried. It works well both displayed on its own or worked into a bouquet for extra texture.

7/12 This green vase by Kosta Boda is from Anna Ehrner's Contrast collection. The thin glass threads harmonise with swirling veils of colour to give each piece its own unique artistic expression.

8/12 This green hand-painted design printed onto canvas would look fantastic and add character to a plain white wall.

9/12 This rug from Kate Spade was hand-loomed by Jaipur from rich wool. The textural geometric design adds a modern edge to the interpretation of the green trend.

10/12 Give your glassware collection a fresh twist with these Moser ombre green highball glasses. Natural stones and ice were the muse behind this textural pattern.

11/12 These stone planters from West Elm are mounted onto modern chevron steel bases. They let you put your greenery on a pedestal for an on-trend display of your lush plants.

12/12 These limited-edition water-colour paintings give a subtle nod to the lush green trend with their artful depiction of greenery on fine art photo paper.