Is This The Most Luxurious Café In Cape Town?

dev   |   01 - 04 - 2018

If you’re in Cape Town, then you have to visit the new luxury café Coco Safar where you can sample drinks made in an on-site botanical microbrewery. Writer Maryanne Njeri Maina gives it a taste.



Down in Cape Town, by the Atlantic Ocean and Indian sea, where the two meet, is a café. Retro-chic, reminds you of the Belle Époque in French – Industrial designed and packaged as Coco Safar.  It means Coco for Coco Chanel, representing culture, refinement, elegance and handmade. Safar is the Swahili word for travel and voyage. It is a global luxury coffee, patisserie and café brand. The concept was conceived in New York, designed in Toronto and made in Cape Town and was created by Wilhelm Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois.


The specialties range from patisserie, viennoiserie, gelato and chocolates to tonic water, coffee, rooibos cold brews, as well as an exciting collection of specialty coffee and rooibos (Nespresso®-compatible) compostable capsules. Everything is made in-house. It has one of the most sophisticated espresso bars in the world, a cutting-edge coffee roastery, and now a botanical micro-brewery.  The coffee and rooibos is brewed for 96 hours, almost like you would beer, but with zero % alcohol, while the coffee is brewed for 24 hours.



“We have a chocolate laboratory, coffee roaster, coffee brewery with iconic machines, then you look into the patisseries being created, then you see the emporium. It has a 360 degree immersion of artistry culinary experience,” explained Wilhelm Liebenberg, co-founder, Coco Safar.


The coffees and tea have been named after various exotic locations such as Napoli, Stellenbosch, Havana, Lisbon, Saint Tropez and other dreamy locations. There is a capsule emporium, espresso bar, luxury café, couture patisserie and a roasting brewing section. The Espresso Bar is home to the world’s first Spirit Idrocompresso exclusively created in Holland by the coffee machine maker super star, Kees van der Westen.



Coco Safar’s signature Botanical Couture Collection of beverages, micro-brewed on-site consists of a rich and refreshing Red Rooibos Cold Brew, a subtle and herbaceous Green Rooibos Cold Brew, an elegant and invigorating Coffee-Citrus Cold Brew and a complex and timeless Rooibos-Infused Tonic Water.


The next locations for Coco Safar will be in NYC this year, then later will be in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai or Hong Kong and the globalist goes on and on.


For more information, visit Coco Safar at,


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