Meet Toni Breiss: Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

Dana Mortada   |   10 - 04 - 2018

Toni Breiss’ passion for perfection has evolved into the inevitable address of an international wedding and event maker. His prestigious career started in Paris, where he launched his own wedding and event creation company, named Level by Toni Breiss- which has already reached a glamorous pinnacle of success in both Paris and Beirut.


Famous for his signature touch of distinction and extravaganza, Level by Toni Breiss incorporates a large team of professionals who aim at providing their clients with an innovative and tailor-made service- from magnificent venues to stunning floral arrangements and exquisite menus.


Here we chat with the wedding maker as he tells us more about his conception of weddings: a world where he can turn a dream into a true reality.



How did you get into the weddings & planning events business?

I found my passion in design. Designing an empty space, creating and transmitting another person’s vision brings me happiness. The extreme pleasure was while adding a bit of challenge to the project. It all started when I wanted to mix architect and beauty into events, while inventing and creating an ambiance and a whole story behind every event. I tried to merge both worlds of planning and designing that’s why we are not only wedding planners, we are also designers with an aim to transform this dream into reality.

What do you feel are the most important elements to a complete wedding or event?

It’s important to live the wedding, if the bride and groom don’t enjoy themselves, how will the guests? Tailor-made weddings or events must be executed with passion before anything. We follow up with the clients over a long period, sometimes six months or a whole year ahead of the even. Sharing special moments instantly become integrated into the families and this bond is magical. Another important element is emotions, they have to be involved to make the best personalized events.



What are the wedding trends this year? Do you follow them?

I follow them by traveling around the world for creativeness and endless development, I actually don’t follow the trend, and I just get inspired by the trend icons. It is a process of continuous research, learning, attending seminars. We usually create the pantone colour accordingly, for example this year we are attentive to the purple shade.

What tips do you have for brides planning their wedding today?

It’s very essential to really go and see a wedding designer or planner in order to organize all the lost thoughts. It’s a whole process, it is a life time project to get something out of it and that is flawless. I must say, a bride should always choose a wedding designer close to her heart.

You have executed extravagant events all over the world. What are your ultimate favorite places to plan an event or a wedding?

Yes, I already did! Each season has its own preferred wedding. It depends, it can be a huge wedding in Abu Dhabi, or another one in south of France in a special place taking over the entire weekend, or in Beirut City; every single wedding has a story and is full of love.

Describe your favourite kind of wedding?

By presenting only the highest level of creativity and personalized services that come up with the most remarkable designs is my favorite kind of wedding. Specifically working in huge venues where we are comfortable with the space, décor and beautiful ambiance to create a whole story behind it.

If you weren’t an event planner, what other profession would you have liked to be?

I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Who was your first huge client you ever planned an event for?

We had the pleasure to design a wedding in Abu Dhabi for a Sheikha. We built a 6000sqm tent in a a massive empty land, she requested the tent to be free-standing without any columns at all. After two months of work, we created an event that hosted 3,500 guests. Most definitely this event was forever marked as the most special and challenging event we ever did.

What does a perfect event/wedding mean to you?

Beautiful, very well organized, originality and new spirit. It is a moment where people are shining, where the bride and groom look fabulous. At the end of the day, we are designing the atmosphere, the décor, but they are the main characters in this setting and they have to be comfortable in order enjoy their big day.

What’s on Toni Breiss’ Agenda?

We are looking forward for a very promising season this year in Beirut, Paris and Riyadh. I am very happy, and meanwhile I am working on launching my third candle scent signed Toni Breiss. I already launched 2 scents: “Coeur de Pivoine” and “Ambre Noir”.



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