My Life, My Style: Lama Jouni

Eliza Scarborough   |   16 - 12 - 2017

Dubai-based and Lebanese-born, contemporary designer Lama Jouni combines traditional techniques with a forward-looking approach, building a label around feminine tailoring that aims to enhance and celebrate the female body. It’s timeless but with an edge of modernity, just like her own personal style.


It all started in 2007 when the Jouni moved to Europe to study at Parsons Paris, and then after finishing her studies she trained at some of the most respected fashion houses including Balmain, Rad Hourani, and Reed Krakoff which helped her develop her own unique style of bold, feminine, designs. This time spent at such established brands was invaluable, helping her understand the process behind taking an idea to the runway, together with all the small details and costs, with Jouni explaining, ‘seeing everything backstage really opens your mind’.



I don’t usually carry bags, as I am minimal and prefer to just have things in my pockets! However, I will take this on evenings out with my essentials. I am currently loving what is happening at Gucci, so wanted to invest in an icon from the brand that I can pass down generations in the future.



I watch a lot of movies and will always go to the cinema once a week. If I like a film I will end up watching it three or four times, and one of my favourites is The Dark Knight.



These trainers are by Filling Pieces, and they are an affordable sneaker with a luxury feel, designed by my friend in Amsterdam. I have about 7 pairs of them at home, and my husband has over 50! They go perfectly with my personal style which is relaxed and minimal.



Although I tend to mainly wear sneakers, when I have an event or evening out I will dress up in heels. Tom Ford is a creative genius and the cut of these shoes makes them my new favourite. Whereas most of the heels in my wardrobe are black, I am currently loving these because they are neutral but have luxe details.


When I was working at Balmain there was a sample sale and as an employee I had the privilege of accessing the pieces earlier than everyone else. I saw this cape and instantly felt wow when I put it on, it is so heavy with a flattering cut.



During my studying in Paris, I started collecting Vogue and have now compiled a library of editions. I used them for research when studying and now with my own collections. Vogue has always been my magazine of choice as it is the fashion bible, with the French and Italian editions being my favourites.



Moodboards are always my starting point for each collection, and this comes from an idea or state of mind, as your unconsciousness really plays a big role in what you are doing. I love to look at images, and I like creating moments from all my visual inspirations. From here I find that the collections really come to life.


These are very special pieces with Lebanese authenticity, and although my personal style is minimal, I do like to collect items from everywhere I travel to give the office more of an identity and personality.


By Eliza Scarborough
Photographer: Henry Pascual



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